Looking for extreme action?

Check out the Technical Extended Range Program!


Xtreme Excitement

SSIís TechXR is a well founded Technical Diving program and it was created to take the recreational diver to an extreme level for their diving adventures.

Whether you are looking for the excitement of deep reef diving or the thrill of exploring wrecks located well past 40m , SSI TechXR is a way to learn the training and experience necessary for you to complete every new adventure with confidence and skill.

Whatever your current diving ability, extended range diving will challenge you with environments, depths, bottom times, procedures, and equipment not commonly encountered by recreational divers. You will be experiencing advanced levels that require extensive knowledge, enhanced diving skills, and considerable experience.


Xtreme Training

To support your journey, SSI has developed these specific learning tools: a manual, interactive CD-ROM, Technical DiveLog and Technical Dive Slates. In addition, you instructor may also require you to have a personal copy of an advanced dive planning software program.

The courses available for you to take are: Advanced Nitrox, Technical Foundations, Decompression Procedures, Normoxic Trimix, and Advanced Decompression Procedures. You can take each of these courses individually or all at once.

You will develop confidence and comfort with these new skills through repetition and supervised experiences. Training will be designed to match your goals and objectives. SSI's signature training method's the "SSI Diver Diamond "and "Comfort Through Repetition" have been applied to keep the programs consistent and provide the same high quality education as other SSI products.