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Scuba Diving Certification Agencies

There are over 50 Scuba Diving training systems and certification agencies including PADI, NAUI, BSAC, SDI, TDI and SSI


These agencies create and comply with strict professional standards set by the WRSTC, and their certifications are recognized worldwide. Each agency establishes its own agenda for diver training and issues certification for each level of scuba diving competency and experience, from beginner to instructor. Courses vary in teaching methods for the beginner's level, but they all cover the same essential knowledge and practical skills development as set by the WRSTC.

The Recreational Scuba Training Council (RSTC) was incorporated in the United States in 1986. RSTC’s mission is to establish minimum training standards at all levels of recreational scuba diving in order to promote public safety. The RSTC is also the Secretariat for ANSI Committee. (American National Standards Institute).


The Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) is one of the world's largest diving organizations. It has succeeded largely as its programs make diving accessible to the average person, plus its gets students into the water quickly and easily same as SSI. Most PADI courses consist of approximately 32 hours of classes, both in the classroom and in the water.


ssi-vs-padiScuba Schools International (SSI) places strong emphasis on supporting retail dive shops and this leads to instructions. All SSI instructors are affiliated to an authorized dealer and unlike other agencies; instructors are not allowed to operate independently. SSI basic beginner's course, open water diver, is similar to those offered by the main agencies, and it consist of six academic classes, five pool sessions, five logged open water dives and one skin dive.

SSI & PADI jointly combined in their efforts, have played a major role in making scuba diving a popular recreational activity

Scuba Schools International is a worldwide diver certification agency and educational support organization. Recognised as an innovative leader in diver education, we create state-of-the-art training programs, training standards and materials for all levels of diver education.

The main mission of certification agencies (SSI – PADI) is the Marketing of Scuba Diving. Some do a better job than others. The organizations you have heard of have done a better job of selling their brand.

The dive course you take is going to be no better than the DIVE INSTRUCTOR who teaches it. So how do you choose?

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