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Ea by recognizing what we feel is the true or primary cause of airway obstruction, and then addressing that cause rather than treating its symptoms. viagra canada Once the obstructive apnea is relieved, allowing the brain and breathing muscles to function normally and re-educate themselves, central apnea may improve as well. viagra viagra unterschied Zht may also alleviate the central apnea by stimulating the neural pathways that control and fire the breathing muscles. About tracheal caudal displacement (tcd) the connection between zht and sd becomes obvious when we examine what our model projects as being the true cause of obstructive apnea. According to the zht model, the reason that tissues in the throat become obstructive and plug up the airway is because the throat itself is sliding down into the chest. what is better viagra viagra or viagra The name for this condition is tracheal caudal displacement, or "tracheal downward movement. viagra no prescription " as tcd occurs, the throat (trachea) moves gradually down into the chest (thorax), squeezing together all the tissues and muscles in the throat, and significantly reducing the diameter and effectiveness of the airway. The vocal cords are located in the throat, and could thus be affected by this tcd process. viagra for sale The cause of tcd is unknown, but the aging process and the effects of gravity would be obvious suspects. natural replacement of viagra Fortunately, by rehabilitating the muscles involved, the impact of tcd can be reversed, or at least mitigated. This is the end to which the zht exercises were created. viagra canada online If treatment with zht can reduce tcd-induced effects on the vocal cords, then it would follow that sd may be improved by zht. This is in fact, what we have observed. generic viagra That tcd and apnea are related is without much doubt. This can be confirmed by a few simple measurements. In fact, physical measurements and surveys are the primary instruments for diagnosing sleep apnea in many poorer nations. These measurements can be illustrated by imagining a young person in superlative condition, say a ballerina. The first measurement would be to determine the body mass index using an ordinary cloth measuring tape placed first around the hips and then around the waist. Any number of on-line resources can conver. viagra activation time http://nationalityinworldhistory.net/bsh-buy-viagra-online-no-prescription-xr/ Port Macquarie, NSW, 2444

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